Elective surgeries (8 - 4:30 pm weekdays)


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Appointments are made via a referral to Milton Equine Hospital from your regular veterinarian. 

Appointments for elective and emergency surgeries are offered from 8 am - 5 pm, Monday to Friday.


Check your horse for signs of respiratory disease (nasal discharge, coughing), fever, or any abnormalities, such as inflammation or recent wounds, at the surgery site where the incisions are to be made.

Our admissions form is available to download for completion prior arrival or you may choose to fill it out upon presentation to the hospital.

(Download Admission Form)


Please check with our front desk. You may drive around back of the clinic to park your trailer, where you'll find a doorbell located at the back of the building by the door. One of our staff will be available to direct you on where to put your horse. The Technicians or Veterinary Assistants/Interns will do a brief examination of the horse looking for any abnormal signs that may prevent us from proceeding with surgery.


Payment is due on the day of discharge. For all emergency cases, a valid credit card number will be required.