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Donald Michael Charters was born May 30, 1954, in Norfolk, Ontario.   Shortly after his birth Michael's parents moved to Quebec, just north of Montreal where he lived until he was 18 years old.

  Michael was introduced to horses very early in life.  By age 16, Michael was jumping horses and competed with Michel Vaillancourt in St. Bruno, Quebec.  At the age of 18, he was contending to ride in the Olympics.  Following a serious riding accident, Michael’s doctors advised him to discontinue his jumping career.

 In 1971, Michael returned to Ontario.  He became a professional transport driver and drove for almost 30 years. Michael was recognized as the top driver for the company he worked for. In 2002, Michael realized he missed being around horses and wanted to get involved again. The following year he established DMC Horse Trailering. A few years later his two sons, Chris & Dave, joined their father in his business. During the 10 years that Michael was owner-operator of DMC Horse Trailering, he assisted many owners and their horses. Michael touched a lot of lives. He truly cared about horses and went out of his way to do whatever he could to help regardless of the situation. Michael's motto with DMC Horse Trailering became “YOUR HORSE COMES FIRST!”   

On July 24, 2013, Donald Michael Charters was driving with 6 horses in his trailer when he noticed something was wrong.  He instinctively pulled over to the side of the road and stopped the vehicle, whereupon Michael had a massive heart attack and passed away.

 Donald Michael Charters, beloved husband & father. He will always be loved and never forgotten by his family or the countless others he helped along the way

 Michael’s eldest son, Donald Chris Charters, now operates DMC Horse Trailering.  Donald will maintain his father’s belief & motto:

                                             “Your Horse Comes First!!!”